Saddle Mountain Outfitters. Hunting Guides, Alberta, Canada
Alberta Big Game Outiftter. Guided Hunts for Bighorn Sheep, Bull Elk, Mule Deer & Black Bear in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.

At Saddle Mountain Outfitters, we are big game outfitters operating in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.

Fall Bighorn Sheep Hunts
At Saddle Mountain Outfitters, our fall hunts focus on Bighorn Sheep, with tags also available for Elk and Mule Deer. We operate in a part of the Blackstone Forest Land Use Zone in the Rocky Mountains. Fall hunting is done old school with horses and hiking to make your trip a true adventure in the Alberta Wilderness.

Spring Black Bear Hunts
Our Spring Black Bear hunts, in the remote boreal forest of Northeastern Alberta, can be one of the most enjoyable hunting trips around. We only take eight hunters (usually in groups of 4) every year on this six day Black Bear hunt.

Your professional guide is Neil Beeman, and he strives to be a good steward of the profession, the west country, and a protector of wildlife and their habitat. He has served as a director on the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society, and as vice-president of the Alberta Chapter of FNAWS. (Foundation of North American Sheep)

We are fortunate to have very good staff at both of our camps, and some have been with us from the very beginning. All of our fall hunts, at Saddle Mountain Outfitters, are strongly supported by horseback riding, as well as opportunities available for hiking and backpacking. The spring hunting is supported by quads and 4x4 trucks.

Hunting is done from our main base camp, with all the amenities provided, and there are spike camps available as well. You will find that camp life is a relaxing stay in wood heated, carpeted wall tent with folding cots. We also have a hot water shower, and full cook tent facilities. Spring bear hunting allows you to enjoy time spent at camp during the day, and then hunt every evening. Fall hunting starts early in the morning for long, rewarding, yet awe-inspiring hours in the saddle. Afterwards you'll return to camp to share their stories and pictures, of the night's successes.

At Saddle Mountain Outfitters we strive to make your stay as enjoyable as possible, and every step is taken to ensure your stay is safe, comfortable and rewarding. Whatever your goal is, Neil Beeman and Saddle Mountain Outfitters is there to help you obtain it --- because your success truly is our success.

Saddle Mountain Outfitters
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Big Game Outfitter
Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada

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Professional Guiding Service for Big Game Hunts

Guided Hunts Include:

        • Bighorn Sheep
        • Black Bear
        • Bull Elk
        • Mule Deer


Guided Hunts for Bighorn Sheep
Guided Hunts for Bull Elk
Guided Black Bear Hunts
Alberta Big Game Outiftter. Guided Hunts for Bighorn Sheep, Bull Elk, Mule Deer & Black Bear in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.